Vasectomy Recovery Shorts

The Vasectomy Recovery Protocol

The typical vasectomy recovery protocol is snug scrotal support for a couple of weeks after the procedure. Cold therapy such as ice packs or frozen peas are typically suggested. Cold therapy is generally prescribed for 36-48 hours afterwards. This helps keep the swelling down and reduces pain. Talk with your physician about specific instructions for you and your procedure and follow their advice.

The Problem

Before Recovery Shorts, many men preferred a jock strap for scrotal support. However, there is nothing on the jock strap to hold the cold therapy in place. Manually holding the cold therapy is difficult and inconvenient, therefore reducing its use. Infrequent use of cold therapy can result in prolonged pain and discomfort.

The Solution

Our Vasectomy Recovery Shorts provide better:

  • Mobility
  • Ease of Use and Comfort
  • Privacy


With our specially designed shorts and pouch, you will be able to walk around while still maintaining the benefits of your cold therapy. You can lie on your side and your cold therapy will stay in place where it is needed and useful. Try either of these without our shorts!

Ease of Use and Comfort

Our uniquely designed pouch is sewn into the front of the shorts. This provides for a layer of fabric to protect the skin from the cold therapy. Since access to the pouch is on the outside of the shorts, men can insert and remove the cold therapy while still maintaining the snug scrotal support thus greatly increasing their comfort.


After you return to work continue to wear your Vasectomy Recovery Shorts discreetly under your work clothes. They fit comfortably under a pair of dress pants or blue jeans. Many men find continued snug scrotal support for a couple of weeks after their procedure beneficial.

An extra bonus is that you can continue to use your shorts for workouts or running after your physician has given you the clearance for this type of physical activity.

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