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Avoid the Pain and Inconvenience of a Vasectomy

The problem of pain and immobility from a vasectomy has been solved.

Vasectomy Recovery Shorts provide the snug scrotal support prescribed by your doctor and they have a built in compartment for an ice pack.

Vasectomy Recovery Shorts replace the jock strap that is often recommended by doctors.

Our shorts provide the same support but are more comfortable, discrete and allow for cold therapy while you’re on the go.

They also work great when you’re lying down or on your side. The ice pouch keeps the cold exactly where it needs to be no matter your position.

Your Vasectomy Recovery Shorts will fit comfortably under slacks or jeans, easily allowing for continued, snug scrotal support when you return to work.

Once you’re fully recovered, these high-quality compression shorts can continue to be used for running or working out.

Vasectomy Recovery Shorts:

  • Provide better mobility
  • Improve your ability to control pain and swelling
  • Significantly more comfortable than alternative supports
  • Discrete, easily worn under any clothing

There’s nothing else like it on the market.

Don’t let your vasectomy cause you pain and inconvenience.

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Small: 24-28, Medium: 28-30, Large: 30-34, Extra Large: 34-36, Extra Extra Large: 36+


  1. B.J. Bench (verified owner)

    I stumbled across this product while researching vasectomy procedures and after care thoughts and suggestions. I questioned whether to purchase this product as I have plenty of compression shorts from sports but nothing to hold cold packs. I went ahead and purchased two medium pairs as I wanted to mitigate trying to figure out how to keep cold packs on.

    The next day before shipment, Stephen contacted me to ensure I purchased the right size. I shared more details and he recommends larges vs mediums. I was not expecting that level of customer service but very appreciative and it was the correct recommendation.

    Performance of the compressions shorts was great. The pocket for ice packs is great and it allowed for easy insertion and was easy to walk around in and adjust when laying down.

    I highly recommend these shorts based on my customer experience and aid in recovery. I was not dealing with ice packs stuff in shorts or racking myself while I walked around.

  2. Luke Geddes

    Love these shorts! They give great compression and allow for simultaneous icing so you can actually function while recovering. The ice packs are fantastic too. They do not freeze up and become hard like other ice packs do. They provide great customer service and extremely fast delivery. I would recommend these shorts to anyone getting a vasectomy. Thanks guys!!!!!!

  3. admin (verified owner)

    LM, Than you for sharing your experience with our shorts. It makes everyone on the team super excited to know we had a part in helping in the recovery process for men choosing permanent birth control from a vasectomy.

  4. LM (verified owner)

    These vasectomy shorts were recommended to my by my urologist before getting the procedure. The shorts were extremely comfortable, provided much needed support and they had a well-positioned pouch in front to insert an ice pack, which all helped decrease any discomfort and swelling–and I think facilitated a rapid recovery. I bought 2 pairs of the shorts so that I could have an extra clean pair that was ready to wear each day for the week-long recovery and this worked out perfectly. I am 5’10’ with a 36″ waist and weigh 185 lbs and the XL size was perfect (which was the same size suggested by their customer service).. I highly recommend these shorts for anyone getting a vasectomy.

  5. admin (verified owner)

    Clayton thanks for the great review! We so so glad that are shorts have been very helpful! Take it easy during your recovery!

  6. Clayton Peterson (verified owner)

    My Doctor at Johns Hopkins Bayview recommended these and so I bought them. I opened them up on Thursday evening after work and tried them on. I ordered a Large, which is the size I wear in boxers, however, they were too small for me (5’11” and 200 lbs). I emailed Stephen Thursday night, asking if I could exchange them for a Extra-Large, and oh by the way, my procedure is on Wednesday!

    On Friday morning a pair of XL shorts was sent out and I received them on Monday. Excellent customer service!

    The shorts have been very helpful and honestly, having three of the ice packs has been great. I swap them out every 30 minutes – the one I take out has been in the freezer for a hour and is plenty cold!

    The only thing I would have done differently is ordered two pair of shorts. I am supposed to wear these for 1-2 weeks, and like I said, I am a boxers guy. I am only two days in and will have to wash these tonight!

  7. admin (verified owner)

    Lance thank you for the review. Freedom and mobility are two of the big factors why men choose our vasectomy shorts over the alternatives out there like a jockstrap for their vasectomy recovery.

  8. Lance

    These shorts worked awesome. I could move around keep my hands free to do others things. Lance

  9. admin (verified owner)

    Jena thank you for sharing how our shorts and custom ice pack worked for your husband after a groin injury. I’m glad our product was able to help relieve pain and provide some relief enabling him to get on with his busy daily life.

  10. Jena Apgar

    Got these for my husband, not for vasectomy, but for a bad groin injury that made it difficult to walk and the doctors only advice was “give it time and stay off your feet”. Ya, that wasn’t realistic when he has daily court settings in courts across town. Got these and utilized the ice packet compartment. First I didn’t wear them 🙂 But my husband said they applied pressure and support right where he needed it and that it was nice to have the ice / gel pack ‘installed’ while he walked around and went about his day. He needed for about 3 weeks – so life saver.

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