Vasectomy Shorts – Our Story From Founder Stephen

I started back in 2009 when I had my vasectomy surgery.  After talking with my doctor and some friends about their vasectomy experience, I set out for a better recovery experience than a big bag of peas in my lap and crotch.

I created a prototype that I used for my recovery and it worked fantastic.  When my friends and co-workers saw my recovery shorts they wanted a pair for their surgery also.  They encouraged me to market the shorts to other men and the response has been awesome.  I thought other men would very much appreciate the improved comfort, convenience and ease that our Vasectomy Recovery Shorts provide.

Our current recovery shorts have improved over the years since that very first prototype.  We have improved our fabric with better moisture wicking abilities.  We have widened the waistband for improved comfort.  And we have changed to a screen printed label versus a scratchy sewn in label.

Thank you for considering our shorts, I know you won’t be disappointed.