Avoid the Pain and Inconvenience following a Vasectomy

Vasectomy Shorts can make all the difference.

“The added support that your shorts provided after my surgery made going back to work more comfortable.  Thank you Vasectomy Shorts!” – Harold Louisiana

“Thank you so much these shorts were perfect after my procedure” – Paul Oregon

“I stumbled upon your site when looking for an alternative to a jockstrap as my anxious husband did not want to wear one of those.  He was happy with the comfort and the built-in pocket made for easy icing. ”  Stephanie Washington

“These shorts helped speed along my recovery.  The pocket was the perfect size for a ziplock bag of frozen peas!  Ice is your friend!!” – Michael Utah

"Vasectomy Shorts are a super convenient way to ice on the go without having to take time out of the day to sit and ice. They do run a little small so get a larger size! Customer service was a delight to work with, made sure the order shipped quickly and worked with me to get the right size sent. I highly recommend trying them out! I even referred my doctors office to use their product for future patients." Michael Tennessee

Vasectomy shorts illustration over a light blue circle
Vasectomy shorts illustration over a green circle
Vasectomy shorts illustration over a dark blue circle

You’ve made the decision to have a vasectomy 

(or you’re considering it...)


How much is it going to hurt and how long it is going to take for recovery?

You go in for the procedure, your doctor gives you the anesthetic and the job is done.

No big deal.

But, as the local anesthetic wears off… the pain comes.

Your doctor will tell you to expect it. He say's it’s perfectly normal. And he’ll probably tell you to use an ice pack or a bag of peas to ease the pain and swelling.

That’s great, but you’re stuck on the couch with a bag of peas in your crotch.

Your doctor will probably tell you that as long as you’re wearing proper scrotal support you can get off the couch… but then the numbness from the ice subsides and the pain is back.

man laying on couch in pain
Don't get stuck on the couch...

This leaves you choosing the lesser of two evils:

Pain or inconvenience during the days following your vasectomy.

I felt the same way when I had my vasectomy in 2009.

So I set out to find a better way.

That’s when Vasectomy Recovery Shorts were born.

There’s nothing else like them on the market.

3D version of Vasectomy Shorts

Introducing Vasectomy Recovery Shorts

I created the initial prototype for my own surgery and they were amazing. I didn’t have to choose between pain and immobility. I was pain-free without being restricted to the couch.

The prototype worked so well for my own vasectomy that my friends and co-workers had to have a pair for themselves as well. Everyone loved them.

That original prototype has been refined and reiterated over the years and is now available to you.

The problem of pain and immobility from a vasectomy has been solved.

Vasectomy Recovery Shorts provide the snug scrotal support prescribed by your doctor and they have a built in compartment for an ice pack.

Vasectomy Recovery Shorts replace the jock strap that is often recommended by doctors.

Our shorts provide the same support but are more comfortable, discrete and allow for cold therapy while you’re on the go.

They also work great when you’re lying down or on your side. The ice pouch keeps the cold exactly where it needs to be no matter your position.

Your Vasectomy Recovery Shorts will fit comfortably under slacks or jeans, easily allowing for continued, snug scrotal support when you return to work.

Once you’re fully recovered, these high-quality compression shorts can continue to be used for running or working out.

Vasectomy Recovery Shorts

• Provide better mobility

• Improve your ability to control pain and swelling

• Significantly more comfortable than alternative supports

• Discrete, easily worn under any clothing

Don’t let your vasectomy cause you pain and inconvenience.